Petition for SMB Developmental Biology Subgroup
Developmental biology has long proven a fertile ground for mathematical modelling, arguably starting with D’Arcy Thompson’s 1917 work on morphogenesis, and including the highly cited 'reaction-diffusion' and 'positional information’ theories of pattern formation by Turing and Wolpert, respectively. With more recent advances in microscopy, image analysis, and fluorescent reporter methods, developmental biology is becoming an increasingly quantitative discipline. Processes can now be quantified and correlated to an unprecedented degree, from the molecular to the tissue scale, yielding an incredibly rich amount of data. As a result, we are now able to constrain mathematical models of developmental processes, for example through parameter estimation, increasing the potential of such models to be used in a predictive way. The objective of this SMB Subgroup is to accelerate these efforts, by supporting and advancing the use of mathematical modelling as part of the ‘toolkit’ of developmental biology.

Co-chairs: Alex Fletcher, Ruth Baker
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