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The mission of the SAFE Washington Program is to create a culture of security in Washington State, and empower everyone to become a "First Responder."  We will accomplish this goal primarily through good communication, community awareness, and training.

SAFE Washington is a Mark Bloome initiative, and is a partnership program between community organizations and law enforcement.

It is a goal of SAFE WA to identify and assess all potential threats to our community.

It is extremely important to report incidents as soon as you witness them while the information you have is fresh in your mind.

Please remember - that we are collecting all information that affects our Jewish Community to include anti-Semitic and suspicious behavior. This information is collected and stored indefinitely.

Use this form to report all suspicious activity and anti-Semitic acts. This information will be reviewed and shared with the appropriate local, state and federal law enforcement agencies for action and resolution.

Please note, for all emergencies, dial 911 immediately, and get a police response.  

After you have seen a response, get a police report number and visit this page so that we can log the incident, and get an appropriate follow-up response.
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