Mosquito Season 2017 Homeowner Volunteer Contact Information
Once again, Texas A&M-San Antonio Vector Ecology Lab and the city of San Antonio Metro Health are partnering to conduct residential surveillance of mosquitoes in order to help make our city safer and more informed about the mosquitoes that can transmit viruses such as Zika and West Nile. By conducting our surveys of mosquitoes in our city, we can help predict where and when people are most at risk for getting bitten by mosquitoes.
Undergraduate researchers collecting in 2016
Targeting "hot spots" in San Antonio with the help of homeowner volunteers
Last year because of the overwhelming response of homeowners willing to let us set traps in their front yard, we found several areas of the city that were considered "hot spots" where numbers of the zika vector were high. We also found "cool spots" where the numbers of the zika vector were low. This year we would like to target those "hot spots" and compare them to the "cool spots" so we can try to figure out what makes some areas "hot" and some areas "cool". Below is a map of areas we would like to target this year.
Areas we would like to target - You can help this year!
What would I need to do?
1) FIRST - please fill out the contact information form below. Please make sure you provide us with your complete address, including zipcode.

2) If your home is selected:

a) we would come to your home and place a trap (a 5-gallon bucket shown in the image above) in an area of your front yard not visible to passersby: preferably on the side of the house in a discrete location.

b) we would also take notes on the number of containers capable of storing water that are near and around your home.

3)Once a week two biology research students from Texas A&M-San Antonio (wearing identifiable shirts or vests + student id's) will come to take data from these traps. They would spend approximately 30 - 45 minutes collecting data on mosquitoes captured. Above are images of students from last summer.

Frequently Asked Questions
HOW LONG IS THE STUDY? - we will begin June 1st and run through the end of September

WILL I GET MORE MOSQUITOES IN MY YARD? - NO. In fact, because these traps kill female mosquitoes that want to lay eggs, they are used to reduce mosquito populations. They are currently being used by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) in Puerto Rico around neighborhoods to REDUCE the number of mosquitoes.

DO THESE TRAPS HAVE CHEMICALS THAT CAN HARM ME OR MY PETS? - NO. These traps are completely organic. The traps are filled with water and small bunch of hay. There is very sticky paper that traps the mosquito so we recommend not to touch that.

WHAT IF I LIVE IN AN APARTMENT? - I am sorry, at this time, we do not use apartment complexes as a residential trapping site.

WHAT IF I HAVE A STRICT HOA? - We do our best to place the trap in an inconspicuous area and we always work with the homeowner to determine the best location.

WHAT IF I LIVE IN A GATED COMMUNITY? - all that we ask is accessability once a week. Consistent data collection is very important to get a good understanding of how mosquito populations change over time.

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