Organizers: Business Networking Survey
This survey is about features for a networking tool to improve Management and Attendee matching at business networking mixers -- e.g., professional association meetings, conferences and trade shows. Our system helps match compatible people in new, real-time ways.

Attendee features will be covered in the Attendee Survey... you are invited to complete that survey as well.

Basic Organizer features include:
1) Attach to popular event registration systems
2) Organizers invite attendees and/or registrants to their event
3) A comprehensive dashboard helps Organizers create and edit event information
...we will ask about additional Organizer features in this Organizer Survey

Event organizers select the best matching questions for their event and Attendees. These matching questions and profiles are evaluated by a proprietary computer system to match for compatibility; need and have; or other appropriate matchings.

We are asking event Organizers, Attendees, and Non-Attendees a number of questions about additional features in the tool. General event management personnel are also invited to participate in these surveys.

The Attendee Survey can be found at:

If you both attend mixers and organize them, please complete BOTH surveys. If you organize events only -- please complete just this survey.

WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO SHARE THESE SURVEYS with others so we can refine the product to meet your real-world needs.

This survey should take about 10 minutes to complete. We appreciate your time and feedback to help make this a high-quality networking tool for both Organizers and Networkers! If you'd like to learn more about our product, visit

Carolyn and Chris Allen, SureToMeet

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