Petrochemical Engineering Program
Evaluation of Attainment of Student Outcomes
Alumni Survey
Attainment Level of Student Outcomes
We thank you for completing the survey taking into account the following rating scale:

5. Very Good. Outstanding performance. Extraordinary fulfillment of requirements.
4. Good. Good performance. Fulfillment of requirements.
3. Regular. No good, no bad. Partial fulfillment of requirements.
2. Bad Poor, incomplete and inferior. Not focus on the problem.
1. No opinion. Does not apply.
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1 Problem Solving
Identify, formulate and solve complex petrochemical engineering problems properly applying the principles, methods, techniques and tools of engineering, science and mathematics. *
Identify and diagnose problems and prioritize them according to their impact and relevance.
Propose and develop adequate and realizable solutions using appropriate norms and standards.
Identify and use techniques and methodologies of mathematics, science and engineering to describe, analyze, simulate and implement solutions to engineering problems.
Operate and use equipment, instruments and software required for petrochemical engineering practice.
Takes in to account safety measures in the practice of engineering.
2. Engineering Design
Design and integrate petrochemical engineering systems and components that meet specified needs with consideration of public health, safety, and welfare, as well as global, cultural, social, environmental, and economic factors. *
Interpret requirements and needs and translate them into the formulation of a petrochemical engineering project.
Formulate and analyze the specifications of a design project considering technical variables, as well as realistic economic, social, legal and environmental restrictions.
Propose and evaluate solution alternatives to select the most adequate satisfying requirements and constraints.
Present and describe the solution through specifications, planes, engineering drawings, diagrams and virtual simulations.
Propose the process to implement the solution.
3. Effective Communication
Communicate clearly and effectively in oral, written and graphical formats, interacting with different types of audiences. *
Express their ideas clearly and concisely using the adequate technological support.
Elaborate clear and precise technical documentation using norms, symbology and terminology proper of petrochemical engineering.
Adjust their speech according to the type of audience for getting a proper understanding and interpretation.
Read technical documentation in English.
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