Lenel Alarm Operator Account Request
If your position requires you to access detailed information from the GOCard system, i.e. reports, assigning access for your area, reviewing or changing time schedules, or to simply perform alarm monitoring, you will first need to complete this form so your account and system access can be assigned. Once your account has been established you will be contacted.

As part of this account request, the operator agrees to the following:

• I will have access to confidential, sensitive, and/or private electronic data that is either stored on University operated systems and/or on systems owned and/or operated by other University departments, and information systems subcontractors, i.e. BlackBoard, and/or sensitive client information with my account from GOCard.

• I agree that I will not copy or otherwise use any data, electronically-stored or otherwise, that I have access to, except within the legitimate course of my duties, or to which I am given permission to do so by my supervisor or the legitimate owner of the data in question. I will not use data for personal use or external business use.

• I agree that I will not examine any electronically-stored data except that which is stored on the appropriate areas of the systems that I am authorized to use, or that which I have been otherwise authorized to examine. I will not allow others to see or otherwise access information through my actions, either by leaving screens, reports or printouts available, or leaving my account logged in unattended.

• I agree that except as authorized by my supervisor or the owner of the data in question, I will not discuss any electronically-stored data, the substance or existence of which would not have become known to me except for the duties I perform at the University, through the GOCard Office, with any unauthorized person.

• If I am uncertain whether a particular item of electronically-stored data is covered by the confidentiality strictures of this Agreement, I will resolve all uncertainties in favor of preserving the confidentiality of that item, and I will seek clarification from my supervisor or the owner of the electronically-stored data in question before engaging in conduct that might jeopardize the confidentiality of that item.

• I understand that in the course of my duties I may come across sensitive client information that should not be shared with any other departments. I will not share any conclusions drawn from this information. I will preserve the confidentiality of this information, and I will seek clarification from superiors as to the restrictions on this kind of information.

• I understand that confidentiality is also covered under Federal laws such as, FERPA, GLBA, Buckley and others.

• I understand that if I am unsure of the nature of confidential information, I will seek the guidance of the GOCard Services Director and/or the University's Legal Counsel.

• I understand that this Agreement is in addition to Georgetown University policies regarding computer use and abuse and all other policies.

• I understand that any unwarranted and deliberate violations of the terms of this Agreement will subject me to possible disciplinary and/or legal actions.

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