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For complete information regarding Ad Rates, Publication Schedule, Art Requirements and other detailed information please see our 2016 Newsletter Rate Card:

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Conditions and Cancellations
By submitting this form you agree to Conditions and Cancellations policy.

1. All new advertising requires TETNA Board approval. The Board reserves the right to approve or disapprove of ads.
2. A maximum of two pages of full or half-page ads can be published in one newsletter issue. A single business may run two full-page ads in the same issue subject to space availability.
3. TETNA shall not be liable for errors made or costs and damage if for any reason it fails to publish an advertisement.
4. Every effort is made to meet deadlines and distribute newsletters in a timely manner. Advertiser understands and accepts that TETNA and its publication rely solely on volunteers. All agreements are subject to incidents beyond the publisher’s control.

Ads cannot be cancelled from an issue after the Ad Art submission deadline.
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