Presonus - Streaming 101 with OBS
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To add a display source inside OBS, you need to click on the “+” in the “scene transition” window. *
The most essential settings, in the preferences of OBS, for us audio people are nested in the… *
On the “audio” tab in OBS, when using a StudioLive AR8c or any other audio interface, you need to select your audio device on the… *
If you have a computer that is not so great and an internet connection that is kind of slow, you probably want to keep the Video Bitrate in OBS between… *
If you’re going for a higher Video Bitrate than 8000 Mbps, we recommend you to go in the “advanced” section of the output mode and change your Software encoding, which is handled by the CPU, to Hardware encoding, which is managed by the graphics cars (GPU). *
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