Letter from Yale Students, Alumni, and Faculty in Support of Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh
July 12, 2018

We write as students, alumni, and faculty proud of our alma mater. We join Yale Law School in its praise of distinguished Yale alumnus Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Judge Kavanaugh is eminently qualified to serve as a Supreme Court justice. Judge Kavanaugh, a graduate of Yale College and Yale Law School, is one of our nation’s most distinguished jurists. In his twelve years of service on the United States Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, he has demonstrated a principled approach to interpreting the law. He has reached legal conclusions free of political partisanship. Judge Kavanaugh has devoted his professional life to upholding the rule of law and our Constitution.

Throughout his time on the federal bench, Judge Kavanaugh has been a valuable friend to the Yale community, visiting frequently to speak on important topics and to encourage admitted students to begin their legal careers in New Haven. More importantly, Judge Kavanaugh has been a faithful servant to his community in the Washington D.C. area. He is a basketball coach for his daughters’ teams, and a regular volunteer with Catholic Charities. As the many students he has mentored will attest, he is a person of deep conviction and integrity.

We are proud of Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination, and believe that his accomplishments and qualifications speak for themselves.

We admire the Yale Law faculty who have spoken in support of Judge Kavanaugh’s qualifications and commitment to the Constitution. Some selections of our faculty’s comments are below:

“I can personally attest that, in addition to his government and judicial service, Judge Kavanaugh has been a longtime friend to many of us in the Yale Law School community. Ever since I joined the faculty, I have admired him for serving as a teacher and mentor to our students and for hiring a diverse set of clerks, in all respects, during his time on the court.”
—Heather K. Gerken, Dean and Sol & Lillian Goldman Professor of Law

“He is a terrific judge. In my federal criminal law class, I love teaching his opinions because they are smart, thoughtful, and clear. He’s also been a wonderful mentor and teacher to our students—not just to those who clerk for him, but those who meet with him during one of his many visits to Yale Law School.”
—Kate Stith, Lafayette S. Foster Professor of Law

“Judge Kavanaugh commands wide and deep respect among scholars, lawyers, judges, and justices.” “Good appellate judges faithfully follow the Supreme Court; great ones influence and help steer the Court. Several of Kavanaugh’s biggest ideas have found their way into Supreme Court opinions. Thanks to decades of high-level experience and close observation, Kavanaugh also understands the intricacies of the executive and legislative branches.”
—Akhil Reed Amar, YLS ‘84, Sterling Professor of Law

“Brett Kavanaugh has been one of the most learned judges in America on a variety of issues, ranging from theories of statutory interpretation to separation of powers.” “We are proud that he is our graduate and eager to continue to learn from his judicial opinions and scholarly publications.”
—William N. Eskridge, Jr., YLS ‘78, John A. Garver Professor of Jurisprudence

“Politics have deeply harmed our Supreme Court nomination process.” "But in terms of the man now before us, Brett Kavanaugh is a true intellectual--a leading thinker and writer on the subjects of statutory interpretation and federal courts; an incomparable mentor--someone who picks law clerks of all backgrounds and viewpoints; and a fair-minded jurist who believes in the rule of law. He is humble, collegial and cares deeply about the federal courts.”
—Abbe R. Gluck, YLS ‘00, Professor of Law

In our deeply polarized climate, these respectful, civil, and entirely accurate comments are a breath of fresh air.

Judge Kavanaugh is a distinguished jurist qualified for the highest public service. He should be given the fair, principled, and swift consideration he deserves.


Athanasia Livas, YLS '19
Will Kamin, YLS '20
Thomas Hopson, YLS '20
Callum A.F. Sproule, YLS '20
Alexis Zhang, YLS ‘20
Peter Keisler, YLS '85
Brian McCarty, YLS ‘19
Aaron Haviland, YLS '19
Aaron Hauptman, YLS '20
DJ Sandoval, YLS ‘20
Josh Woods, YLS '19
Sam Adkisson, YLS '18
Chandler Harris, YLS '18
Katrin Marquez, YLS '20
Hunter Swanzy, YLS ‘19
Aaron Gordon, YLS '20
D.H. Dilbeck, YLS '20
Khalil Tawil, YLS '18
Ryan Thier, YLS '20
Nicholas Flatley, YLS '20
Jasmine Stein YLS '19
Kurt Lash YLS '92
Jack Park YLS '80
Evan Young, YLS ‘04
Jeffrey A. Jannuzzo YLS '76
Robert J. Giuffra, Jr., YLS ‘87
Thomas A. Smith, YLS '84
Chad Pekron, YLS '00
Minor Myers, YLS '03
Andrew C. Hruska, YLS '93
Joshua Kleinfeld, YLS '06
Elbert Lin, YLS ‘03
Kathleen Beecher Moore, YLS '93
Daniel Feith, YLS '12
Laurie Barber Lin, YLS ‘03
Richard W. Garnett, YLS '95
John S. Hahn, YLS '77
Christopher Angevine, YLS '08
JD Vance, YLS ‘13
Hilary Albrecht ‘16
Jeff Ballabon, YLS '88
Sadie Blanchard, ‘10
Charles Korsmo, YLS ‘06
Adam Gustafson, YLS '09
Matt Mellema, YLS ‘14
William Levi, YLS '10
Dan Himmelfarb, YLS '91
Nicolas Thompson, YLS '09
Martin Newhouse, YLS '84
Rishabh Bhandari, YLS '21
Lawrence J. Fossi, YLS '83
Gene Schaerr, YLS ‘85
Peter Tucci, YLS '16
Brian C. Kalt, YLS '97
Michael E. Rosman, YLS '84
John H. Carley, YLS '68
Michael B. Mukasey, YLS ‘67
Rebecca Taibleson, YLS '10
Benjamin Taibleson, YLS '10
Jonathan Macey, YLS '82 and Sam Harris Professor of Corporate Law, Corporate Finance & Securities Law
Christian R. Burset, YLS '14
Charles Correl YLS ‘95
Jed Brinton, YLS ‘10
William H. Slattery, YLS ‘68
Brandt Leibe, YLS '05
Roger Clegg, YLS ‘81
Steve A. Matthews, YLS '80
Natalie Hausknecht, YLS ‘15
Glenn Harlan Reynolds, YLS '85
Alexa Zahl, YLS ‘20
Thomas H. Bell, YLS '83
Albert Horsting, YLS ’18
Frances Mackay, YLS '18
Robert Pushaw YLS '88
Donald C. Brey, YLS '81
Aaron Sibarium, YC '18
Ruel Jerry, YLS '20
Shlomo Klapper, YLS ‘20
Ben Johnson, YLS '10
George Conway YLS '87
Michael Taunton, YLS '14
Roberto M. Braceras, YLS '94
Robert J. Giuffra, Jr., YLS '87
Robert M. Overing, YLS '20
Brian Mund, YLS ‘18
Nicole Stelle Garnett, YLS ‘95
Josh Divine, YLS '16
Sean Strasburg, YLS ‘08
Nicole L. Kuenzi, YLS ‘07
Jeremy Liss, YLS ‘16
Kasdin Miller Mitchell, YLS '12
Abigail Shrier, YLS ‘05
Jeffrey R. Holmstead, YLS '87
Conor Clarke, YLS '15
William F. Rogel, YC '03
Andrea Siso, YLS '20
Jared Morris, YLS '09
Thomas McIver, YLS ‘17
Michael Fransella, YLS '01
Joel Hornstein, YLS '00
Thomas C. Mazza, YLS '64
Joseph Chatham YLS '19
Philip Axt, YLS '18
Alan Charles Raul, YLS ‘80
Sara Turk, YLS '20
Ryan Proctor, YC '16
Suranjan M. Sen, YLS '19
John C. Meyer, YC '67
Logan Beirne, YLS '08
Arthur D. Hellman YLS '66
David C. Tam YC '15
Ken Leonczyk, YLS ‘09
Lochlan Shelfer, YLS '13
Amanda Schwoerke, YLS '08
Clark L. Hildabrand, YLS '16
John Brinkerhoff, YLS ‘18
Michael Rappaport, YLS '85
Janet S. McCloud, YLS '75
David Dominic Legge, YLS '96
Stephen E. Sachs, YLS '07
Victor Hsu, YLS '87
Heath Mayo, YLS '18
Michael Kopcha, YC '96
Rob Crisell, YC '93
Paul Taylor, YC '91
Michael Krauss, YLS '78
Deborah Marcus, YC ‘93
Tomo Takaki, YLS '20
Daniel P. Kearney, Jr., YLS '04
William J. Carney, YLS '62
Robert F. Nagel, YLS '72
Frank R. Jimenez, YLS ‘91
Holden Tanner, YLS '21
Brian W. Barnes, YLS '10
Bobbie G. Kilberg, YLS '69
Michael Medved, YC '69
Alexander Marcus, YC 92
Whit Cobb, YLS '90
Grant Dorfman, YLS '92
John Cassidy YC '80
Tim Schnabel, YLS '05
Seth Corey, YC ‘78
Ben Mallet, YC '19
Finnegan Schick, YC '18
James C. Vardell III, YLS '80
Michael DeBow, YLS '80
Shay Dvoretzky, YLS '00
Jeffrey I. Zuckerman, YLS '72
Michael Maloney, YLS ‘86
Owen Hughes, YLS '77
Saikrishna Prakash, YLS '93
David Bernstein, YLS '91
Leonard Nelson, YLS '84
Habib Olapade, YLS '20
Thomas G. Hungar, YLS '87
Hyun-Soo Lim, YLS '18
Kris Kobach, YLS '95
Ben Daus-Haberle, YLS '21
Jorge E. Souss, YLS '97
Harry Graver, YC ‘14
Keerthika M. Subramanian, YLS '11
Andy Hessick, YLS ‘02
Donald B. Susswein, YLS ‘78
Alexander Hoeschel, YC ‘17
John W. Carr, YC'62, YLS'65
Charles Maurras, YLS '88
Renee Lettow Lerner, YLS '95
Stephen Holzer, YLS '74
Eric B. Amstutz, YLS '78
Francis Menton YC 72
Jonathan Lubin, YLS '08
Jarrett Stern, YC ‘93
Vladyslav Vykhodets, YC ’19
Diane (Richards) Brey, YLS '88
Michael L. Yaeger, YLS ‘03
Charles G. Mills, LlM, YC '62
Edmund LaCour, YLS '11
George P. Burdell, YLS '13
Benjamin Zuraw, YLS '83
Kevin Leitao, YLS ‘91
Mary Louise Serafine, YLS '91
Ray R. Ciste, YLS ‘13
John Borgo, YLS '77
Michael Abramowicz, YLS '98
Julia D. Mahoney, YLS '87
Rebecca Karabus, YC '18
Brian Chen, YLS '21
Kevin Dayton, YC '92
Joseph C. Asch, YLS '83
Charles Faint, GSAS '13
Benjamin Zollinger, YC '19
Jordan A. Blashek, YLS '18
Jaye Letson Hungar, YLS '87
Bert Kwan, YLS '03
Peter J. Kalis, YLS ‘78
Matthew Capoccia, YLS ‘17
Eric M. Palmer, YLS '17
Emily Hall, YLS ‘21
Bo Hines, YC ‘18
Christine Buzzard, YLS '13
Weaver Lilley, YC ‘21
Tyler Whiting, YC ‘20
Chris Muha, YLS '06
Christopher Moeckel, YC '20
Christopher D'Urso, YLS '24
Ugonna Eze, YC '16
Motti Slomovics, YLS ‘21
Frederick Liu, YLS '08
Joshua Hano, YC ‘20
James Berry, YLS ‘77
Hamilton Osborne, Jr., YLS '68
Christian F. Wolpert Gaztambide, YC '20
Esteban Elizondo, YC '19
Jennifer Sarah Bolton, YC ‘08
Elizabeth Henry, YC ‘14
Casey Verkamp, YC ‘10
Patrick Moriarty, YLS '86
Brendan Harrington, YC ‘13
Charles Su, YC ‘14
James Hwang, YLS '10
Burton Ahrens, YLS ‘62
Paul Han, YC '20
John N. Reed, YLS '21
Kevin Liu, YC '14
Henry Weissmann, YLS '87
Christina Brasco, YC '14
Raleigh Cavero, YC '15, YLS '22
Mark A. Schuman, YLS `91
Gabriel Anderson, YLS '21
Sundar J.M Brown, YLS '21
Kristofer Kirk, YLS '21
Alex Cooke, YLS '04
William Rinner, YLS '09
Kenneth McKenna, YC ‘75, GSAS ‘78
Patrick Price, YLS ‘04
Josh Ginsborg, YC ‘16
Shelby Baird Smith, YC ‘14
John Pugsley, YLS '86
Erika Schermer, YC ‘14
Victoria Pierre YC ‘15
Pratik Chougule, YLS ‘14
Paul Mahoney, YLS ‘84
John Yoo, YLS '92
Elaine Augustine Alexander, YLS '68
Lawrence Alexander, YLS '68
Enrique Schaerer, YLS '08
Chris Sorrow, YLS '95
Nicholas Quinn Rosenkranz, YC '92, YLS '99
C. Michael Watson, YLS '74
John Meyer, YC '67
Erin Morrow Hawley, YLS '05
Paul Dykstra, YLS ‘68
Matt Vega, YLS ‘93
Margaret A. Little, YC '77, YLS '84
Larry Obhof, YLS ‘03
Peter O. Clauss, YLS ‘58
Eric Dixon, YLS '94
Zac Hudson, YLS '09
Michael R. Dunleavy, Jr. YC '06
West Cuthbert, YC '14
Alexander Crutchfield, YC ‘15
Jordan A. Grode, YC '21
Jon W. Deuber, YC '21
Renee Breer, YC’16
Kevin Ig-Izevbekhai, YC ‘16
Emmett Gilles, YLS ‘20
Christopher Lunding, YLS '71
Tyler McGaughey, YLS '09
Marah Stith McLeod, YLS '06
Kellen S. Dwyer, YLS '09
Keith Urbahn, YC '06
Alan Schwartz, YLS '64
Steve Blum, YLS '87
David Fierson YLS '99
Eni Kassim, YLS '20
Steven G. Calabresi, YLS '83
Elizah Stein, YC '18
David S. Blatt, YLS '88
Richard Nash Gould YC '68 MArch '72
Steven Y. Tian YC '20
Jefferson B. Riley YMArch'72
James B. Cowperthwait YC '59
Joe H Staley Jr. YC ‘59
D. Livingston Miller, YC ‘68
Robert McCallum YC '68 YLS '73
Arthur Rogers, Y’63
Jonathan M. Clark YC '59
Hannah Templin, YLS '21
Rob Bergdolt, YLS '90

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