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Popular sovereignty refers to rule by the *
This section of the Constitution states why it was written. *
The Framers provided this section of the Constitution so that it will grow with a changing nation.
The first ten amendments are called the *
This Amendment protects the freedom of speech.
Which principle grants the president the authority to appoint federal judges? *
If the Supreme Court rules a law unconstitutional, under which principle would the Court be exercising its authority? *
Which constitutional principle divides power between national and state governments? *
To whom does the system of checks and balances give the authority to conform judges? *
The system of checks and balances gives this the power to enforce court orders *
Which amendment establishes the separation of church and state? *
Which amendment establishes the need for a warrant or probable cause before a person can be searched or arrested *
Which amendment ensures that a person will not be tried twice for the same crime? *
Which amendment addressed the salaries of the members of Congress? *
How many years passed between the ratification of the Twenty-sixth Amendment and the Twenty-seventh Amendment? *
In what year were limitations placed on the term of the presidency *
Which amendment repealed Prohibition? *
Which amendment abolished the poll tax? *
The Constitution grants these powers to the national government. *
State and national governments share the power to levy taxes and *
According to the Constitution, state and national government share these powers. *
Any system of government in which rule is by the people is called *
A plan that provides the rules for government is called a *
Anti-Federalists believed this was needed *
Suffrage Changes In The United States
In what year did women get the right to vote *
This gave African Americans the right to vote *
The first Tuesday after the first Monday in November *
The United States Congress, which is made up of two houses, is a *
People in districts represented in Congress are called *
The presiding officer of the House of Representatives is the *
Which of the following committees has members from both houses of Congress on it at the same time *
Which committee works to settle differences between House and Senate versions of a bill? *
The Constitution states three requirements for Senate eligibility. Choose one. *
This is often called a winner-take-all system *
According to the Constitution which of the following is requirement to become president? *
This address is given by the president to Congress *
In addition to congressional override, Congress has this power over president. *
Study the chart, identifying the roles of the president *
The president has many roles and responsibilities If he is being Chief Executive, which task below is he completing *
In which role does the President fulfills ceremonial duties *
A trial court has *
People engaged in lawsuits are called *
The written explanation of a Supreme Court decision is called *
This is the court of Last resort *
The U.S. Court of appeals for the Federal Circuit has jurisdiction over *
Which court would hear appeals from the highest state courts? *
The United States' government could best be described as a *
This person is known as the "Father of the Constitution" *
In an American Democracy protecting one's freedoms would be which one of the following characteristics *
The Democrats and Republicans are an example of this characteristic *
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