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Pentimenti Productions, the arts nonprofit and film production company behind the critically acclaimed 2014 documentary "Hairy Who & The Chicago Imagists," and the upcoming 3D feature-length film about artist H.C. Westermann, "Westermann: Memorial to the Idea of Man If He Was an Idea," is pleased to announce the creation of the Pentimenti Emerging Filmmakers Grant.

This grant endeavors to support work by up-and-coming female, non-binary, and/or LGBTQ voices. In keeping with Pentimenti’s mission, eligible projects must pertain to art or artists in some capacity, although they needn’t necessarily be a documentary. The recipient of the Emerging Filmmakers Grant will be determined by an appointed review panel and approved by Pentimenti’s board. We are pleased to announce that 2019/2020 jurors include: Thea Liberty Nichols, Ashley O’Shay, and Michelle Puetz.

Please direct any questions about application materials or eligibility requirements to Pentimenti Executive Director, Harrison Sherrod:

The application is now open. Deadline: December 31st, 2019
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Grant Specifics
The awardee of the Pentimenti Emerging Filmmakers Grant will receive:

- $2,000 to use toward a film or video project. Please note: funds must be spent on the production of the project itself, as opposed to non-production costs like marketing or promotion. Funds will be distributed in full at the beginning of the grant term.

- Three creative consultations with Pentimenti staff over the duration of the grant term. The grantee will maintain complete control over their project.

- Access to equipment and editing stations at our office, as available. This resource is generously provided by Pentimenti's frequent collaborator, Scrappers Film Group.

- One feedback session with the Pentimenti Emerging Filmmakers Grant jury members.

- A spotlight feature on each of Pentimenti’s communication channels, including website, newsletter, and social media.
Eligibility Requirements
- Applicants must be 18+. Students are welcome to apply.

- Applicant must reside in Chicagoland, or attend college or university here.

- Applicant must identify as female, non-binary, and/or LGBTQ.

- Project must be a film or video that focuses on art or artists.

- Project can be documentary, fiction, hybrid, or experimental.

- Project can be collaborative, but applicant must serve as the director.

- There is no maximum or minimum project length, although preference will be given to films that seem feasible and realistic in scope.

- The grant is intended for emerging, up-and-coming filmmakers, meaning applicants should have a background in and prior experience with filmmaking, but should not have extensive filmmaking accomplishments, such as multiple feature film projects completed in a principal role, significant partnerships with producers and distributors, multiple major film festival appearances or awards/accolades, broad exhibition or distribution, and significant critical or commercial success.
Grant Term
The term of the grant is intended to span one year. At the end of the grant term, the grantee is expected to screen their project for Pentimenti staff, although the project does not have to be completed. The grantee will also be responsible for producing a short report describing how they used the grant funds, including any and all pertinent receipts.
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Give us a brief synopsis or elevator pitch for the film project you're proposing for the Pentimenti grant. (50 words).
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Provide a detailed description of the film, e.g. narrative, style, subject matter, message. If it’s not already clear, please make sure to mention how it pertains to art and artists. (500 words).
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Project Collaborators (Optional)
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What is the current stage of your project, and how do you foresee using the Pentimenti Emerging Filmmakers Grant funds? (300 words).
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Please provide a one page overview of your project budget and list any secured sources of funding, if applicable. No additional funding is expected or required.
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If available, please include footage or other media (e.g. production stills, lookbook, etc.) of the project you are proposing for the Pentimenti Emerging Filmmakers Grant.
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Please include a link to sample footage of your work. If your only available work sample is from your proposed project, please list it here. Your sample must be streamable via Vimeo, YouTube, or similar platform (as opposed to downloadable media). Applicants should only submit one link, although the footage can be a compilation of multiple projects. Please submit no longer than 10 minutes of total footage. List password along with link, if applicable.
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