ISoc Brothers' Tajweed class
As part of our Virtual Ramadan programme, ISoc is offering Tajweed classes just for members for this month. Sign up here to get invited to the WhatsApp chat and get more details. Note, both classes have their FIRST SESSION THIS SUNDAY

Base on demand, we have created these 2 groups:

Group 1
A class for those who know the Arabic alphabet (no prior Tajweed knowledge required). The goal for this class will be to learn the foundational rules of Tajweed and focusing on applying these rules through recitation of verses from some of the short Surahs of the Quran. Each session will have a leader teaching the class Tajweed and then listening to individuals recite to better improve their Tajweed.

Group 2
A class for those who have already covered the foundational topics of Tajweed. The goal for this class is to learn further intermediate-advanced level Tajweed rules. Each session will involve a leader with an Ijazah (Official Certification) that will teach the Tajweed rules and then a chance for participants to practise with someone proficient listening with focus on application through recitation of selected verses.

Both classes will have 2 sessions a week onwards.

There were a couple of requests for a group recitation group. However we are unable to run an official group and so we cannot provide a leader. Instead, we plan to collect details of those who are interested so that you may organise a group between yourselves.

For any questions or enquiries please message Ghifari or email him at
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