UPDATED 2020 Christmas MIRACLE Deliveries
We're NOT exactly playing Ring & Run...Yikes! But do to COVID-19 restrictions, we would like to help ensure you and our families have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! Signing up to deliver will not require face-to-face contact or engagement with families. Instead, we will provide contact information for you to prearrange your Special Holiday Box Drop-offs!

We hope you'll sign up for quite a few ;-) This CHRISTMAS MIRACLE would not be possible without YOU!
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I can PICK UP on the following dates (All Pick-ups are from The Four-Seven office: 2400 Reading Rd; Suite 201; Cincinnati, OH 45202)
Yes, I have a delivery partner! (Please list name/relationship i.e. child, spouse, friend) *Due to COVID precautions, we prefer you partner with someone in your own household, if possible.
We are happy to pair you up with someone also! Please wear your mask if you are riding with someone not in your own household...and ALL deliveries are to be contact free...as much as possible!
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