Player Registration - 2020 Soccer Shootout
Players in the 2020 Griffin's Guardians Soccer Shootout must use this form to register for a team. Players cannot register until a coach has registered their team.

Participants are not fully registered until their chosen payment method has been processed (coach-pay or player-pay). Payment can be made at
Email address *
Team Name *
Player Name *
Player Age as of April 1st 2020 *
Parent/Guardian Name
If the player is under 18, this is required.
Waiver *
By checking the box below, the player listed above or player's guardian requests and approves of the entrant's registration and participation in GRIFFIN'S GUARDIANS SOCCER SHOOT-OUT ("The Contest"). In consideration for the entrant's participation in the Contest, the player listed above or player's guardian (1) acknowledges that the entrant's participation will be at the sole risk of the entrant and the player listed above or player's guardian and (2) agrees to release, indemnify and hold Griffin's Guardians and its officers harmless from any and all demands, claims or causes of action arising from or relating to the entrant’s participation in the Contest. The player listed above or player's guardian also agree to allow representatives from Griffin's Guardians or its members to take and publish photographs or videos of the entrant during the Contest. The entrant may compete in only one division competition.
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