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Welcome to Vaimo's Pimometer, the questions in this form will help Vaimo understand the current situation in your organisation and to pinpoint the specific benefits of a PIM implementation.
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For us to get to know basic facts around your organisation and where you are heading.
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Company general knowledge about PIM
So far we have been looking at
The supply process normally have a great potential to reduce manual work and eliminate manual import from suppliers/other systems and also reduce the risk of human errors
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Level of automisation for supplier product data on-boarding
All manual work
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Today we keep our product data in these systems
What ERP system are you using?
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PIM enables collaborative workflow and task management to increase efficiency and quality of outbound product data.
How many languages do you translate your product data to.
We enrich product data by
How often are you adding new products and/or changing existing product data?
Is there a defined workflow for product enrichment today?
Average outbound data consistency across all channels
Poor quality
Perfect quality
Number of employees that are involved in enriching product data
Who, and what type of user roles are contributing in the product enrichment process?
Average Product to market time
Our product data is exported to these channels
Current E-commerce platform (if any)
On average we estimate that the organisation in total spend X number of hours/month on-boarding/enriching/spreading product data where x is
Main reasons for looking to implement PIM
We hope to get started with PIM implementation within
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