Data request form for Inouye Gothic phenology data
Prof. David Inouye has been collecting data on the abundance and timing of flowers within permanent plots at the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory (RMBL), in Gothic, Colorado, USA, from 1973 to present. During the growing season, flowers of each species are counted approximately every other day in up to 30 plots. More information is at the Open Science Framework page:

David Inouye personally collected the data over many years as a side project. He has had NSF funding (LTREB grant) for the project 1995-1997, 2003-2008, and 2009-2019. Inouye postdocs, graduate students, research assistants, and volunteers have all helped collect the data.

We have a data use policy in which you must request to use the data and state how you will use it. This will give us a better way to keep track of who has the data and how it is being used. Please read the data use policy below for the details.


David Inouye intends to have the long-term flowering phenology data available for others for research or teaching purposes with his written consent, given the conditions outlined below. The complete dataset is housed in a private repository on the Internet (Open Science Framework, Upon completing and submitting this form and communicating with David Inouye, you will be given access to the data.

If you would like to use the data, these are the conditions:

1. Fill out this form, which will be sent to Brian Inouye and Nora Underwood. We will respond as soon as we can.

2. The data may only be used for the purposes you list in this form. Contact Brian again if (a) your intended use changes, (b) you would like to use the data for additional purposes, or (c) if you are using the data more than a year after you originally requested them.

3. Please do not share the data with others, except with specified collaborators for the questions you list in this form. Other individuals should contact David with their own request.

4. The description of how you will use the data will be added to a central document that describes who is using the data and how they are using them. This document will be made available to all people using the dataset. This is to keep track of everyone using the dataset, and to encourage openness among the group. We want to ensure that there are no potential overlaps in the types of questions being addressed and also to facilitate collaboration. We will have a public list of who has the data (but not how they are using it).

5. David has invested a lot of time and effort into collecting and summarising these data. How he is acknowledged (i.e., co-authorship or acknowledgement within manuscripts) will be discussed and determined for individual projects, depending on his degree of involvement in the work. David and other co-PIs on the NSF grant (Brian Inouye, Nora Underwood, billy barr [weather data], and Becky Irwin [bees]) are open to collaborating on projects.
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