For the sake of consistency, please perform the following movements:

Hydrated - spend 2-3 days hydrating beforehand (women 2 - 2.5 liters per day. Men 2.5 - 3 laters per day)
Without warming up or spending any time lubing up your joints first
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1. CO2 tolerance test (reflects oxygen efficiency). March-in-place for 2 minutes at a cadence of 60 steps per minute (30 per leg). When marching maintain a tall posture and connect your forearm/elbow to your opposite knee on every step. Use a metronome or a timer to help with consistency. Near the end of the 2-minute period take a deep breath IN. At 2 minutes fully EXHALE then start your timer. How long can you hold it without inhaling or gagging?
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2. For how long can you balance on your LEFT leg with your eyes closed? *
Eyes closed single leg balance assessment.
3. For how long can you balance on your RIGHT leg with your eyes closed? *
4. How much does your LEFT ankle dorsiflex? (inches) *
Ankle Dorsiflexion Assessment
5. How much does your RIGHT ankle dorsiflex? (inches) *
6. How close can you stand to a wall while performing a deep squat? (Feet just wider than shoulder width. Feet pointing slightly out, but nowhere near 45 degrees. Heels remain planted. Arms to the side. You can touch the wall. Butt must travel below knees) *
Face-the-Wall Squat Hands Down Assessment
7. How close can you stand to a wall with your arms locked out vertically overhead, and perform a deep squat movement? (Biceps maintain contact with ears) *
Face-the-Wall Hands Up Assessment
8. Sit and reach assessment. How far can you reach and hold for 5 seconds? (Feet together. Legs straight) *
Sit and Reach Assessment
9. Ipsilateral bird dog assessment LEFT. Can you perform five smooth reps of the movement as demonstrated in the video? LEFT, means that your left limbs are on the floor. *
Ipsilateral Bird Dog Assessment
10. Ipsilateral bird dog assessment RIGHT. Can you perform five smooth reps of the movement as demonstrated in the video? RIGHT, means that your right limbs are on the floor. *
11. Zenith twist assessment, LEFT. Adopt the six-point position on your forearms, with knees wide. Position yourself so your head is directly under a landmark on the ceiling (light bulb, smoke detector). This landmark is known as Zenith. Place your LEFT hand on the back of your head then twist around to the LEFT and try to look at Zenith. How far can you go? *
Zenith Twist Assessment
12. Zenith twist assessment, RIGHT. Repeat the movement, but this time place your right hand on the back of your head and twist to the right. How far can you go? *
13. Shoe string assessment. Can you balance on one leg (either one) and tie your shoe string? *
Shoe String Assessment
14. Cam shaft assessment. Which of the three movements in the video can you perform? Remember, no spine movement and no head nodding. *
Cam Shaft Assessment
15. Stick hip hinge assessment. Stand tall and hold a broom handle (or similar) against your spine and head. Adjust your posture so there are three points of contact between the stick and your body: head, mid-back and sacrum (above tail bone). Can you hinge (bend) forwards maintaining those three points of contact? *
Stick Hinge Assessment
16. Deep squat sit assessment. For how long can you sit into a deep squat position? You can do anything with your upper body but your heels must remain planted and your butt must remain below your knees. PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU RISE OUT OF THE POSITION - YOU MAY FEEL DIZZY. *
Deep Squat Sit Assessment
17. Infinity crawl assessment. Place two objects approximately 1 meter apart. For how long can you leopard crawl around them in a figure 8 (infinity) pattern? Knees must stay off the ground and butt must remain below shoulders. *
Infinity Crawl Assessment
18. Flexed arm hang assessment. Using any grip, for how long can you hold your sternum or clavicle against the bar (so the neck is entirely above the bar)? *
Flexed arm hang assessment
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