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Title I School-wide Services
Title I school-wide services provide students with additional teacher assistants, interventionists,  and classroom supplies for teachers.  The following questions are in relation to New Albany Elementary School.
My school provides the instruction and help needed for me to be successful.
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My school is open to parents' opinions and suggestions. *
I feel school attendance is a priority for student success.
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Which of the following do you feel are necessary for student success?
Teachers regularly communicate with my parents through newsletters, School Status, texts, calls, or other means. *
My school provides adequate resources for students to be successful. *
Teachers at my school use instructional strategies that help students achieve the knowledge and skills they are expected to learn. *
My school sets high expectations for student learning for all students. *
My school has fair grading policies and practices that are administered in a consistent manner. *
In the effort to support a well rounded education, I would like to see my school invest more in the following areas. *
To supplement what the district is already doing to keep our schools safe and healthy, I would like to see funds used on: *
My school places the safety of students as a priority. *
I feel safe at school.
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My school places the health of students as a priority. *
My school has an effective drug and violence prevention program. *
My school provides sufficient opportunities for parent and family engagement. *
As a school, what do we need to get better at doing?
As a school, what are we already doing a good job on and need to continue?
ESSER funds have been allocated to schools to prepare for, prevent, and respond to Covid.  
Please rate the effectiveness of each use of funds.
Not Effective
Somewhat Effective
Very Effective
School Nurses
School Counselors
Maintenance Staff
Technology Staff
Nursing Supplies/Equipment
Cleaning & Sanitizing Supplies/Equipment
Instructional Supplies/Equipment
Technology Devices
Summer School
Instructional Software
Purchase School Buses
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Do you feel software such as Canvas, TE 21, Mastery Connect, Renaissance, etc are beneficial to students learning academic content?
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