NWO Regional Food Charter - Draft Feedback
A food charter is a vision of how we can collectively sustain a thriving local food system that supports our health, well-being in our communities, our environment, and our regional economy.

This charter will be used to help form a basis for action for local governments, organizations, and First Nations for decisions related to our food system. Food charters can help to create awareness and education about food issues and encourage collaboration for new and existing local food projects across our townships, cities, and First Nations communities.

Please provide your thoughts on the draft NWO Regional Food Charter included below. Have we captured the main points in this charter that can help us move forward to achieve a resilient local food system that respects culturally appropriate foods and enhances communities, local economies, and the environment? Have we properly captured what you believe to be your vision and priorities for our food system in NWO?

Please let us know what you think. Thank you for your continued support!

Draft NWO Regional Food Charter
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