2019 - HS - Architectural Design Submissions
Please submit your documentation portfolio for the 2018-2019 National TSA Conference using this form. All entries must be in by 11:59 PST on May 15th. Any entries time stamped after this deadline will result in a disqualification.

Before filling out this form, you will need:
1) Your team registration number (TXXXX; if the number provided is only 3 digits, add a zero after the “T”) is a T followed by your four digit national Chapter ID. The chapter ID can be found on all invoices and when logging into the affiliation or conference systems. If you are submitting individually, your student registration number (SXXXX; if the number provided is only 3 digits, add a zero after the “S”). If you do not know this number, reach out to your chapter advisor.

If your submission is for an individual only, please use your student ID number.

NOTE: Chapter advisors will need to begin the registration process with National TSA and submit your name in order for the system to generate this number.
2) The name of your chapter advisor in case we cannot identify your submission.
3) The email of your chapter advisor.

Student ID Number or TEAM ID Number (STOP - double check your ID number to ensure we can identify you. This should be your student registration number with a format of SXXXX or TXXXX). You do not need to enter the "S" or "T" as the field only accepts numeric values. *
Enter the name of your chapter advisor *
Enter the email for your chapter advisor *
Please upload your documentation portfolio *
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