The Marshmallow Incident Parent Buy Out Form
Playful People Productions could not function without parent/teen or adult member cast participation. In order to keep our costs down, we require participation in the production with hours of work/number of shifts per cast member:
15 hours for one cast member
25 hours for two cast members
35 hours for three cast members
There is a buy-out option of $150/$250/$350 if you are unable to fulfill this obligation, THESE WILL BE DUE BY: 2/2. Any late buy outs will get a 20% late fee added on. Partial buyouts are also available at $10/hour or $25/shift. Playful People uses these funds to hire staff.
Family Name: *
please put the actor's last name. If a parent has a different last name, please list that. Example: Jane Smith has a parent named Susie Jones. Family name would be Smith/Jones
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Cast *
Please let us know which cast you are buying out for.
PayPal Email *
This is how we will invoice you, so please double check it is entered correctly.
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Number of Actors *
Please let us know how many actors you buying out for.
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Please enter the dollar amount you are buying out for. (please clear any partial Buy Outs with Katie M.)
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