Weekly Family Meal for Friday April 3

Menu for FRI 4/3: Beef Stroganoff with Mushrooms and Sour Cream, Egg Noodles, Creamy Spinach Gratin - $36

Assorted Mini Dessert Tray $12 (optional, contains nuts), Wine selections available (optional) -

Pick up FRI, April 3rd 1 -6 pm.


Delivery (optional) based on our shop location @ 600 S.Elam Ave. Greensboro, NC 27403:
Under 2 miles = free
2 - 8 miles = $5
8 miles+ =$10
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Would you like a Assorted Mini-Dessert Tray - 12 pieces for $12 - Pecan Tartlets, Flourless Chocolate Mexican Cakes (GF), Almond Macaroons (GF)
Would you like a bottle of wine with that? (available while supplies last)
                                                   Prophecy Pinot Nior | Guenoc Chardonnay
Prophecy Pinot Nior | Guenoc Chardonnay
1 bottle
2 bottles
Prophecy Pinot Nior, $13 per bottle
Guenoc Chardonnay, $11 per bottle
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