ECYC & RYEurope shrinking space for civil society study session
More and more civil society organisations face challenges and restrictions across Europe.  Young people and their organisations are particularly vulnerable in the context of shrinking civil space. The study session, organised by the European Confederation of Youth Clubs in collaboration with Rural Youth Europe and the Council of Europe at the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg, “Shrinking space for civil society” brings together young activists to raise awareness on the topic.

2-6 March 2020

European Youth Centre in Strasbourg, France

Deadline to apply
16 January 2020
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As mentioned in the call, tell us, in the format of a personal story about how you’ve experienced phenomena of shrinking space for civil society. You may think of situations that relate to: limited access to information and funding; self-censorship of your NGO because of negative labelling or rhetoric towards civil society organisations; changes in legislation that hinders NGO’s registration or function; smearing campaigns (negative labelling); interfering from the state into internal affairs of the organisations; limited freedom of assembly and association. The story should be a maximum of 500 words.
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