Organizational sign on to statement against Trump's Military Parade
President Trump has ordered a military parade to be held in Washington, DC on November 10. In response, a coalition of organizations for peace and justice is organizing to stop the parade and to turn the weekend into a time to call for divesting from war, investing in peace and reclaiming Armistice Day on its 100th anniversary.

The letter below will be published as an open letter and sent to power holders, such as the DC City Council and Members of Congress urging them to stop the parade.

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Here is the statement:


President Trump has ordered a military parade to be held in Washington, DC to showcase "the price of freedom" on November 10, 2018. This glorification of war, which will cost millions of dollars, comes at a time when the United States is provoking more war and the military industrial complex is consuming a growing proportion, now almost two thirds, of our discretionary spending. Militarism has invaded our communities where police treat residents as "the enemy," demonstrators are met with tanks and recruiters are allowed into schools. Militarism has also infected our national psyche by normalizing violence as armed men shoot and kill in our schools, stores and offices.

We reject this gross display of power and violence. We call on you to stop the military parade.

We have had enough of war and are ready to put an end to it. Its basic purposes are to enrich the weapons-makers and to secure cheap resources and labor for global corporations. War is killing hundreds of thousands of civilians and displacing millions of people. US aggression is causing increased insecurity and an assault on our freedom as we must now submit to searches before we can travel or enter buildings that once had open doors.

The cost of war is great. Our infrastructure is failing. Poverty is growing, and the social safety net is disintegrating. Our children are hungry, our families are unhoused and our air, land and water are polluted. Our veterans are in such despair that 20 of them, mostly young veterans, are committing suicide each day.

We, groups who advocate for peace and justice, are organizing a celebration of peace in Washington, DC and across the country from November 9 to 11. On Sunday, November 11, the 100th anniversary of the Armistice that ended the World War I, veterans and military family members will lead a solemn procession to reclaim this day as a time to remember the cost of war and the preciousness of peace.

We urge you now to do all in your power to stop the military parade on November 10. The vast majority of people in the US and around the world crave peace.

If the parade goes forward, we will mobilize thousands of people on that day to protest it.

It is time to divest from the wars at home and abroad and invest in peace.


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