End-of-week Survey for Week 1
Please fill out the survey below to let me know how this week has gone for you. Although I am collecting names so that I can give Engagement Points credit, you can say anything you like without fear that it will affect your grade in any way. Your frankness here will help me to create solutions that work for you and all of the otehr students in the class during this difficult time.
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What worked well for you this week in this course? What policies and resources were particularly helpful to you as you attempted to learn calculus online this week?
What *didn't* work well for you this week in this course? What policies caused a problem or hardship for you? What resources were lacking? Let me know what I might be able to do to make the learning process easier for you.
Is there anything else that you are concerned about? Please feel free to ask me for help if you are having problems inside or outside of the scope of class.
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