Ag Industry Cannabis Forum
Dear El Dorado County agricultural producers,

You are invited to attend an industry gathering and informative panel discussion on hemp and cannabis. El Dorado County has a new cannabis ordinance in place and a temporary moratorium on hemp while it is reviewed by the Agricultural Commission and the Community Economic Development Advisory Committee for a recommendation to the Board of Supervisors in November. Hemp and cannabis are very new industries and therefore how they best fit in with existing agriculture is still being determined. El Dorado County has a vibrant and unique agricultural character which is the result of decades of good planning and foresight by commercial producers ranging from fruit growers to Christmas trees and wineries. Cannabis and hemp have been commercially introduced into many regions, some with great success and some with problems and pitfalls. This gathering is an opportunity to have questions and concerns addressed, learn more about these crops and give input and feedback to help inform the future landscape of Ag in El Dorado. Please join us!

Note: Attendees must be commercial agricultural producers and active members of one of the following organizations: Farm Trails, El Dorado Wine Grape Growers Assc., Apple Hill Growers Assc., El Dorado Winery Assc., Fair Play Winery Assc., El Dorado County Farm Bureau.

El Dorado County Agriculture Forum on Hemp/Cannabis

David Girard Vineyard
741 Cold Springs Rd., Placerville
6pm (5pm tasting)

The panel discussion will be informed by your questions and comments. Please submit questions, topics or items for the panel discussion below. Even if you do not have any specific questions at this point the organizers still require an RSVP below. Thank yoU!

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