MHRR Foster-To-Adopt Application*
MHRR believes strongly in education & discussion rather than discrimination. Certain household pets or lifestyles do not automatically rule out a home for adoption. Please be honest and detailed when answering this questionnaire. This helps us determine which pets would be most ideal for your home and to make sure both you and your pet are happy for a lifetime.
Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue
Please note the following before continuing:
Every Application is Reviewed and Responded To
Descriptions are Needed
****Not including descriptions/specifics when asked will delay your application process.****
Due to high volume apps and new adoption procedures since COVID-19 please allow extra time, potentially up to 1 week, for a response
Depending on the number of applications it may take more time than usual to get back to you. We also check in with the foster parents of the rabbit(s) requested before responding to the application to check availability/compatibility, which can also cause delays. MHRR is a foster home based network and is 100% run by volunteers/fosters. Thank you for your patience!
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