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[Maximum 800 characters] Tell a great story about how your enterprise is making a difference. How do you promote, encourage and make a social change? How you are helping people, your community or the environment. A good story is about the problem and how you are solving it and your successes so far. What inspires you to do what you do, what is the story behind your business, your motivation. Tell a story about how people or the world benefitted from your work. Try and make an emotional connection with your readers, to reach their hearts. Also, mention your organization's SDG goals.
What makes you different? *
[Maximum 200 characters] What are you doing that makes you stand out? Why are customers buying your products over other competitors? Are you the only one in the region? Is your approach or methods different from the others? Are you pursuing a goal that others in the region are not? In short talk about what make you unique, what makes you stand out among the others, why are you better than your competition.
How many users have benefited from your solution so far? *
[Maximum 380 characters] Talk about the scale of your impact. Describe who are your customers, how many of them have benefited your services/ products? How do they feel when using your offerings? Concrete data and numbers give a clear picture of how well your enterprise is doing. For example, how many people have used your services, or how much plastic waste is being recycled, or how many people have increased livelihoods or incomes.
How big is your potential market? *
[Maximum 380 characters] A potential market is the segment of the market you can possibly capture in the future. What is the possibility for your product or service to scale up? Talk about your market demographic, size etc. Is it your local community or country or is your potential market global? How far can your products or services reach and are they scalable? You can expand your potential market if you expand your products or services or market existing products differently.
What are your Marketing & Distribution strategies? *
[Maximum 380 characters] What are you doing in terms of making sure that potential customers get to know of your products/ services? These could include websites, ads, social media marketing, exhibitions, online store etc. Distribution involves ways by which the actual product or service reaches the customers- directly or indirectly. Talk about the plan you have in place to make sure your potential market receives your product or services.
What is your Business Model? *
[Maximum 380 characters] How will you make money? Who and how much will your customers pay for your products/services? Are you selling to the individual customers (Business to Customer - B2C) or are you working with other businesses (Business to Business - B2B)?You can research the different types of business models online
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