Fully Booked Dubai Art Book Fair — 2019 Application
★Fully Booked is accepting applications on a rolling basis before February 15, 2019—the sooner the better! Apply today.

Please see www.fullybooked.site or @shopfullybooked on Instagram for more on Fully Booked and the 2017/2018 fair archives.

★We are seeking applications from individuals, groups, and collectives—artists, designers, creatives, and publishers producing and working in the mediums of printed matter, books, prints, and/or multiples. These individuals/groups may be based anywhere and have work in any language, but the application must please be in English. Vendors or a representative are required to be present at their tables during the fair's full open hours, when most on-site live programming will also occur. We aim to be able to provide exhibitors with trained volunteers to cover their tables and record sales inquiries, if the exhibitors wish to take certain breaks during the fair. Please keep in mind that volunteers will be spread out throughout the fair to tend to the needs of multiple vendors. Vendors keep 100% of their proceeds during the fair.

★Schedule details:
Fully Booked will occur during the annual Dubai Art Week, and will happen at the same time as many exciting creative/art events, including the Sharjah Biennial. Our presence in the warehouse during Art Week consists of a curated art book retail experience, and a one-day symposium followed by the 3-day fair with programming.
**Schedule during Dubai Art Week (March 18–23, 2019)
Throughout: Curated art book retail experience
One-day symposium, "On the Books": March 20, afternoon
Art book fair & on-site programming: March 21–23, 2019, 10:00–19:00 daily

All vendors will be provided with a table, folding chairs, and an exhibitor sign with your name and location base. You must bring your own tablecloth. We will run a program of intimate events for vendors during the fair to be able to explore the city and the other events during Art Week.

It is free to apply to Fully Booked. A non-refundable table fee will be required of all accepted fair vendors upon receipt of their acceptance into the fair. Table size options & pricing for fair vendors are listed at the bottom of this page.

★Vendors who cannot attend, but wish to participate in Fully Booked, can donate their books to the Fully Booked exhibition which will be on display during Art Week. While there is no fee for this exhibition, all books included in this display at the fair will be available for the public to browse and handle. Books submitted to the exhibition portion of Fully Booked will be permanently archived at a local Art & Design Research Library after the closing of the fair. All books for the exhibition must be mailed and delivered to Dubai before March 9, 2019 (exact address will be shared with you). Those wishing to include their work in this fashion must still complete this form. You may apply both to include your work in the exhibition portion and to be a vendor in the fair—if you do both, you may bring your exhibition submissions with you and do not need to mail them ahead of time.

Please contact fullybookedfair@gmail.com with any questions. Thank you for your application!
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