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Read each sentence below. Choose the number from the key below that tells how you naturally  are, i.e. your innate nature, NOT how you think or feel someone else wants you to be.  Select the number 0‐5 that describes you; then, write the chosen number on the line provided at the right of each statement.  Do not think of yourself in a particular role when you complete this.  There are no right or wrong answers.  The goal is to discover your natural preferences so you can use this information to experience more success in all areas of your life. *
Almost never
Less than half of the time
More than half of the time
Almost all the time
Always true
1. I am naturally organized. I create order and structure in my life.
2. I need to do fun and exciting things in my life.
3. I value gaining knowledge. I want to spend my time learning more about what interests me.
4. I like it when everyone around me gets along and does not argue or fight because I need and value harmony.
5. I need others to show that they really care abut me.
6. I am curious. I like to ask questions and want to know why.
7. I need change and excitement in my life, or I become bored.
8. I like to plan ahead. I need to be prepared ahead of time.
9. I like to think deeply about subjects that interest me.
10. I am naturally impulsive. I often do things without thinking first.
11. I naturally care about people and need them to care about me.
12. I naturally do what is right and like to follow rules.
13. I like to take risks and that sometimes gets me in trouble.
14. I need to be treated so I feel special and important to others.
15. I live a cautious life. I need to be safe and avoid danger.
16. I like to tell others what I know and have learned in my life.
17. I like to make lists and follow them to accomplish many things.
18. I really want to be friends and get along with everyone I know.
19. I hate to make mistakes. I need to have the right answer.
20. I go all out to win. I like activities that are physical and competitive.
21. I learn and work best when by myself rather than in a group.
22. I need freedom and flexibility. I hate following other people’s rules.
23. I like to belong to clubs and groups that do good deeds.
Part 2 *
Almost never
Less than half of the time
More than half of the time
Almost all the time
Always true
24. I am naturally sensitive. I get my feelings hurt easily.
25. I need to learn and do things by following a schedule and routine.
26. I want to make the world a better place for others because I care.
27. I am naturally playful and have a good sense of humor.
28. I like to spend time alone so I can think and analyze my thoughts.
29. I love it when people work together and cooperate.
30. I enjoy entertaining others and making people laugh.
31. I need to be responsible and have others see me as responsible.
32. I enjoying thinking and using my mind to solve problems.
33. I like to spend time helping others get along and feel happy.
34. I am a natural problem‐solver and enjoy analyzing problems.
35. I desire excitement and adventure. I crave feeling a “rush”.
36. I need to do what is right. I have a strong sense of right and wrong.
37. I have difficulty sitting still and being attentive for long periods of time.
38. I am affectionate and nurturing in my relationships.
39. I really value intelligence. Others see me as intelligent.
40. I complete my work before I relax or play. Work comes before play.
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