Online Compliments, Comments, and Complaints Form

ICS is committed to providing the best possible educational services to our students. We welcome all feedback, whether it is a complaint, comment or compliment. Your feedback provides us with valuable learning opportunities, which help us to continually improve our school. Your input will be handled confidentially. This form will be sent to the ICS Director. The ICS Director will determine the most appropriate action to be taken to investigate and respond to your input. Refer to the FAQs for more information on how your input will be handled and to the ICS Addressing Concerns Policy for more information about the principles we practice for dispute resolution.

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    Frequently Asked Qustions

    What are compliments, comments, and complaints?

    A compliment is an unsolicited expression of praise, admiration thanks or satisfaction. A comment is a proposal or a suggestion for change or improvement. A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction by one or more members of the public about the schools action or lack of action or about the standard of service provided by the school or any of its service providers.

    What happens with my compliments and comments?

    Compliments and comments will be reviewed by the director and passed on to the supervisor who is responsible for the service or individuals referenced. You will receive a response from the Director to acknowledge and thank you for your feedback. Please note that comments suggesting ideas will be considered by the supervisor in charge and where possible we will ensure an immediate action is taken. However, some ideas may need further investigation and discussion for implementation or may not be achievable. The supervisor assigned to your input will communicate status and, if needed, contact you for additional clarifications. We will attempt to respond to your feedback within two weeks.

    When is it appropriate to raise a complaint?

    Please do not raise a complaint until you have first attempted to resolve the issue with the person responsible. This process should not be used for a first request for service or for reporting a problem or fault for the first time. ICS practices the Matthew 18 principles for conflict resolution. Please refer to the ICS Addressing Concerns Policy (insert link) for more information

    Will my complaint be treated in confidence?

    We appreciate there may be reasons why you may wish to remain anonymous when complaining to ICS. However, please be assured that all your complaints are treated in confidence. ICS safeguards all personal information. Your information will only be shared with those parties involved in resolving your complaint.