Developer Tools Survey (Anonymous)
This survey is to understand the kind of tools developers like to have in their day to day workflows
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Do you like to have a tool that helps synchronize code and documentation simultaneously and also be able to write a story without modifying the code ?
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What do you like/hate about software documentation ? Are you happy about the current state of software docs ?
What's the tool you use for documenting code ? Can be user, dev, API, etc
What's your favorite debugging tool, and why ?
Please share the tools you use for improving development workflows (not programming languages), and why ? Eg: git, gdb, etc
What's the programming language you use and the feature you love the most ?
What kind of tools do you like to have in your day to day development workflow ?
What is your favorite editor and which feature you love the most ?
Would you like to know where your "functions" are in your code ?
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Do you like to have an automated "version" identification system of your system per "package" ?
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What's the most discouraging part of development that slows you down especially with complex code bases ? What kind of tools do you like to speed up day to day work ?
A tool to map packages, functions, etc used in "unit-tests" ?
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How many years of development experience do you have ?
Which domain are you working in ? Tools of your choice
Do you like to document your code often ?
How about listing the "loops" in your code ? Do you think it helps with understanding the running complexity ?
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Do you like to have a tool that shows most used functions from packages by file ?
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Do you like to have a map of how the "bugs" are distributed in your code by "package", and by "file" ?
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