The LEATHER & LGBTQ Cultural District needs your voice! 

We're embarking on an exciting mission to compile a comprehensive Cultural History, Housing, and Economic Sustainability Strategies (CHHESS) report to guide the City of San Francisco to better support the Bay Area Leather and LGBTQ communities.

Your input is pivotal in this endeavor. We are creating an "Asset Map" to highlight the cherished spaces and practices that hold personal significance in your Leather and Queer culture journey in the Bay Area. Your insights will ensure our report reflects the cultural assets that matter most to you and our diverse community.

Rest assured, your responses are confidential and completely anonymous. Your contact information will remain private. 

Please don't miss the opportunity to have your say. Complete this survey by 11/6/23, and let's shape a flourishing Leather future together.

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For this survey we define 'Leather Community' as shared engagement in and appreciation for various leather, kink, and fetish cultural practices, often providing safe havens for folks living outside the sexual and hetero mainstream. 

What Bay Area Leather + LGBTQ practices are important to you 
(kinks, fetishes, gatherings, movements, etc)?

What Bay Area Leather + LGBTQ spaces are important to you 
(places, events, organizations, businesses, community centers, etc)?
*Please indicate whether these spaces are currently open or active, or if they serve as cherished touchstones that we have unfortunately lost.
Our community engagement efforts are ongoing! In November, we will organize a community forum to discuss the CHHESS Report, followed by presenting the report to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors for resolution. We will need your support. If you wish to stay engaged in this process, kindly provide your email address:
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