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REASONS FOR POSSIBLE CHANGE. What are your primary reasons for a possible career change, possible exploration of business ownership, or possible investment in a business? *
Businesses can operate out of various places. With business ownership, you have control over where you would like to work every day.Geographic Area:
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Approximate timeline: If you were to decide to own your own business, and could find the right opportunity, approximately how soon would you like to begin the operations of this potential new business?
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GROWING & SCALING YOUR BUSINESS. Understanding that over 50% of people who own a franchise own more than a single unit, and factoring in your financial goals, would you be interested in learning more about:
The goal of business ownership is to use it as a vehicle to get to the future you want to desire. At SIMC LLC''S Entrepreneur's coaching platform resource, we focus on the your ILWE goals, or Income, Lifestyle, Wealth & Equity goals. Income goals are what you will need annually to support yourself and your family.Lifestyle goals are how you live your life, for example, do you want to purchase a boat or a fancy car, maybe you expect to have college tuition payments, or a child's wedding to plan for. Do you plan to stay in your existing home or are you looking to upgrade your home, or possible downsize your home?Wealth goals are what you will build up in the bank and other assets that you may purchase over your life time. Equity goals relate to the value of your business when you decide to sell it, or exit the business.
What level of annual income are you looking to replace?
Where do you see yourself in three to five years? Five to 10 years?
If we looked at your life a year from today, what has to have happened during that period, both personally and professionally, for you to be happy with your progress?
Franchising typically requires no industry experience, you receive intensive training, and you get surrounded by industry experts who are committed to your success. This creates numerous possibilities for our clients. Please select some of your possible Business Areas of Interest below. Some advice: Be creative, and have fun with this category! Our goal is to help our clients to reinvent themselves, and often that means working in a whole new industry. Franchises are looking for people who can manage & market a proven business model. Be prepared to discuss why you chose to check off various options.
Please select all categories of interest.
If education were available to help you research business ownership more effectively, and launch a business more successfully, would that be of interest to you?
What concerns, if any, do you have about investing in a possible business?
What are your most important criteria about any opportunity that you would research?
If you have a spouse or significant other, what is their first name?
Would they have a role (ownership and/or employment) in a possible new business venture?
What are their thoughts about business ownership as as option for you?
If you were to research options, would you wish to include them in any future calls or meetings?
Will you be the only investor, or is it likely that you will have a co-investor?
As your potential Coach, it’s important that I have an understanding of your resources, so that I can provide the most informed advice, coaching, and assistance. You can be assured that any financial information you share with me is always confidential.
What would you estimate your total net worth to be today (total assets minus total liabilities)?
At The Entrepreneur's Source (TES), we have several referral partners who specialize in franchise funding. They would be pleased to talk with you, review your personal situation, and educate you about various funding options that would best suit your needs.
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