Join us in saying: #IWillNotStandBy
New Yorkers,
We can all take action to end violence against LGBTQ people.

Today, we're asking you to sign this pledge—and to commit to look out for one another, to report anti-LGBTQ violence and discrimination where we witness it, and to intervene in ways that are safe for ourselves and those around us.

When you witness violence, you can ALWAYS report it to AVP on our English/Spanish 24/7 hotline at 212-714-1141 or our Online Reporting Form ( The hotline can also be a resource for the survivor if they so choose.

Before Intervening...
Before proceeding to intervene, always remember to assess the situation for your OWN safety. Consider your power and privilege in a situation, and consider the ways in which you can be most effective in helping another. Sometimes, the best way to intervene doesn't require becoming physically involved!
If you witness hate violence, including physical violence, you can:
• Make your presence known by asking questions and talking to both the victim and the perpetrator.
• Speak up, be LOUD, and call out what’s happening: identifying violence by name can help deter it.
• Distract and divert the attacker’s attention by making a scene, and being noisy to draw the attention of others.
• Record what’s happening by taking video on your phone.
• Ask what support the survivor needs and provide it if you can.
If you witness anti-transgender bias and discrimination while in a public restroom or another public space, you can:
• Intervene by starting a conversation with the person perpetuating the discrimination.
• Ask questions and make your presence known.
• Speak up and call out what's happening, to let those around you know where you stand.
• Ask what support the survivor needs and provide it if you can.
• Report the incident to a manager or owner if it occurs in private establishment
If you witness police violence, you can:
• Record what’s happening, remembering to keep your audio ON.
• Ask questions and make your presence known.
• Know your rights: you can record, observe, and verbally intervene, but physically intervening is illegal.
• Get the names, badge and car numbers of officers involved.
• Ask what support the survivor needs and provide it if you can.
Will you take a stand?
Sign the pledge and join us in saying #IWillNotStandBy.
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