TechSenior Course Evaluation Questionnaire for Teachers
Course Evaluation.
Please rate the following aspects of the course (1 = not at all and 4 = very well)
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1. Objectives and metodology of the course
1.1 How well do you feel the objectives of the course were met? *
1.2 How appropriate do you think the methodology used was? *
1.3 Did the old students get along with the online course? *
1.4 Did the students need a lot of help? In which aspect? *
2. Content of the course
2.1 Do you think the content of the course was useful? *
2.2 Do you think the modules chosen were the appropriate for the students? *
2.3 Do you think the course was beneficial for all students? *
2.4 Do you think the pace of the course was suitable for the students? *
2.5 Did you feel confident teaching old people? *
2.6 What went well? *
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2.7 What improvements could be made? *
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3. General conclusions
3.1 Overall. Are you satisfied with your own performance during the course? *
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Further remarks and recommendations, if any, that could help us improve the course. *
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Thank you!
Thank you for completing this evaluation which will help to evaluate the TECHSENIOR pilot programme.
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