Industry Ikon Candidate Questionnaire
Hello! We're excited to get to know you better, but before we jump on the phone we'd love to learn more about you! Please fill this out. As soon as you do we'll reach out with next steps.

Our vision is to empower every impact-focused small businesses owner to thrive as an online business and consequently change the world for the better.

By 2025, lead 10,000 impact-oriented entrepreneurs to their first 6-figures and beyond.

At Industry Ikon, we believe that one day every impact-oriented entrepreneur who wants to reach financial independence while doing good will have the training, tools, and resources they need to to confidently take their business online, brand themselves powerfully, and easily make sales so they can make a powerful impact and income.

Our company values at Industry Ikon are: 1) Customer Comes First-Show Stopping Service, 2) Lead with  HEART, IMPACT, and PASSION, 3) Continuous Innovation & Growth, 4) Above and Beyond- Relentlessness & Resourcefulness, 5) Ownership & Empowerment, 6) Humor, Fun, and Celebration, 7) Boldness & Diversity, and 8) Transparency.

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