2019 NECANN Speaker Applications

Have a content session idea for cannabis business professionals or medical marijuana patients? Online applications for are now being accepted for the following 2019 NECANN conventions:

Reno, NV (April 6-7) Deadline: 1/31/19
Burlington, VT (May 17-19) Deadline: 2/28/19
Salt Lake City, Utah (May 10-11) Deadline: 1/31/19
Springfield (June 22-23) Deadline: 3/30/19

Due to the high volume of submissions, only those selected to speak will receive notification via email, about 2 months prior to the event. Selected speakers for each convention will include both those who have spoken at cannabis events in the past and those who have not, and who come from a diverse range of geographic areas. We are looking specifically for content relevant to the industry, consumers, and patients of the home state of each convention. Preference will be given to sessions that have not been presented in these markets before. To be considered for a speaking spot at the largest industry convention series in North America, complete the form below.

Solo presentations are expected to be designed to last between 30-45 minutes (depending on the topic and structure of the session), followed by Q&A from the audience. We will also assemble panel-style sessions and may ask that you alter your presentation to fit a different style.

Speakers MUST abide by a “no pitching” policy. Presentations are meant to be educational and cannot include information on speaker’s professional background, personal expertise and/or company history.

Speakers who are selected must agree to follow specific guidelines on crafting their presentations and compiling PowerPoint presentations. NECANN reserves the right of final approval on all content for speakers, and may require revisions during the process.

Please note that NECANN does not provide speaker stipends or travel reimbursements. This helps us keep ticket prices low and accessible to the broadest audience for the event and your session.

Important notes/tips:
If you wish to apply for multiple conventions you must submit a separate form for each one. It might be helpful to write out the longer answers on a Word doc first so you can cut and paste them into each submission.

Submissions with not be accepted without a bio and head shot, so make sure you have them before starting the form. Your session description should communicate the value that attendees will gain from listening to you. Remember our no-pitch policy, and tell us what people will learn from you during your session.

All of our conventions are focused on the cannabis markets they held are in, including the programming. For example if you wanted to speak about marketing at the Boston convention, the submission should at least in part speak to marketing strategies that relate to current Massachusetts laws and regulations on cannabis advertising.

This form is the ONLY method we will use for considering speakers. If you have questions regarding the form send them to marc@necann.com, but please don’t call/email with speaker inquires/pitches.

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Reno, NV (April 6-7)
Deadline: 1/31/19

Burlington, VT (May 17-19)
Deadline: 2/28/19

Salt Lake City, Utah (May 10-11)
Deadline: 1/31/19

Springfield (June 22-23)
Deadline: 3/30/19

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