Starker Forest Trail User Survey
This survey is being used to inform the needs and desires of the recreational users of the forest trails northwest of Corvallis. This survey is focused on the MacDonald forest and adjacent Starker Forest properties to help inform the use and access of trails on the Starker Forest Land that have been recently closed.
What activities do you do in the forests around Corvallis?
How many years have you been doing these activities in the forests near Corvallis? (Please enter a whole number.)
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Approximately how many times a year do you use the forests near Corvallis? (Please enter a whole number.)
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How important is it to you to have access to the forests near Corvallis?
Map of the forest areas near Corvallis.
How important are each of the six areas on the map to you?
Not at all
Soap Creek
Starker Island
Starker West
Oak Creek
Lewisburg Saddle
Starker North
Please describe what it is that you value about these areas.
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Were you aware that access has been limited to many of the trails on Starker Forest Land?
Trails on Starker Forest West.
Please rate how important each of the trails on the Starker Forest West area are to your recreation activities.
Not at All
Word to Your Mother and Starker Naked
Six Finger
As You Wish
UTR and Old Green Dragon
Aslan and Narnia's Forest
Tim's Coda and Dive
ROUS, Fire Swamp, and Prison Break
If you use the trails on Starker Forest West land, please describe how you use them and why they are valuable to you.
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