Si2 Voice of Customer Survey
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1. On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the highest), how likely is it that you would recommend Si2 to a friend or colleague? *
Not at all lIkely
Extremely Likely
2. Why do you use OpenAccess? (Check all that apply.) *
3. How much time does OpenAccess save you and/or your team on a given design/project? *
4. How many full-time people are on your team for an average project? (Include full-time Contractors) *
5. What is the most pressing challenge (or challenges) that you need to resolve in your role, team, department? (i.e., What challenge keeps you up at night?) *
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6. In what ways (if any) does OpenAccess (or Si2) help you resolve your most pressing challenge(s)? *
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7. Please check all the Si2 services/resources you use. (check all that apply) *
8. If there were one thing that OpenAccess (or Si2) can provide to make your job easier, what would it be? (Please list more than one, if applicable.) *
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9.(a) Please select the top 3 words/phrases that first come to mind when you think about OpenAccess (1 = highest). Select N/A for all others. *
Fosters Collaboration
Enhances Interoperability
Fosters Innovation
Provides Plug and Play
Enables Compatibility
Reduces Design Cycle Time
Accelerates Time-to-Market
Improves Quality
Improves DFT (Design for Test)
Provides a Centralized Database
9. (b) Optional: Please list any other word(s)/phrase(s) that best describe the value of OpenAccess.
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10(a). Are you available for a confidential follow up call (15 mins.)? If so, we will provide a nominal "Thank You" with a gift card of your choice. *
10(b). If your answer to Question #10(a) was "Yes", please provide the best way to follow up to schedule a brief call (name, email, phone #). Thank you.
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Optional: Is there a friend or colleague whom you would like to introduce to Si2? If so, please provide a name and email.
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Optional: Is there an Si2 team member that you would like to recognize for excellent service or a job well done? (If so, who? How did s/he help?)
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