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Honor the memory of your loved one with a living memorial. Select a Tree from the options below and it will be installed and maintained in the Forest View Park.

Choose from Deciduous, Coniferous, or Flowering Tree; options below.

After you fill out the form, we will contact you to go over details, tree availability, and your plaque inscription.
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DECIDUOUS TREES include oaks, maples, and beeches, and they grow in many parts of the world. The word deciduous means to “fall off,” and every fall these trees shed their leaves. Most deciduous trees are broad-leaved, with wide, flat leaves.

EVERGREEN TREES stay green year-round and won't drop their leaves, despite the weather. Our options include long-lived coniferous trees.

FLOWERING TREES smaller, ornamental tree.
Deciduous Trees, $350-$400
Evergreen & Flowering Trees, $300-$400
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Memorial Plaques - $100
Trees can be purchased anytime; however, planting will take place in the Spring / Fall.

If you choose to have a plaque mounted in front of the tree an additional fee of $100 will be charged for the 6” X 4” stainless steel plaque and mounting post.
Plaque Inscription:
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Payment Details
We will calculate the cost of the Tree & Memorial Plaque and email you an invoice that you may pay online or print and return with a check.
Planting of trees occurs in the early Spring or Fall based on the cultivar of tree. We will inform you of the planting and plaque installation after it is complete so that you may visit your tree.
The Park Staff will water and feed the tree throughout the initial growing season to aid it in establishing a solid root system.
Do you have additional questions? Let us know!
Leave a message for the Maintenance Director - 708-484-3002 or e-mail
Forest View Park District 4621 Wenonah Avenue Forest View IL 60402
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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