"Oceanic Combat Group" Application
Your application to join Oceanic Combat Group [OCG]
Please take note that the OCG training is considered as HARDCORE. You will be expected to invest a moderate amount of effort in becoming proficient with our doctrines and procedures.

When flying on our servers. Talk to us on Discord/SRS first, before putting an application in or, it will be rejected.

If you are unsure of the initial requirements or any of the questions on this form, please read the OCG FAQ located in the #about_OCG text channel or contact an admin/moderator on discord

After your application is submitted and approved by the OCG administration, you will be contacted by a member of the OCG staff to further your application.

Please answer the questions below truthfully

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DCS Modules
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Equipment and setup
Do you own a Joystick or Throttle or Rudder pedals and if so, which brands?: *
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Finishing up
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What are your expectations of OCG? *
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What level of training are you hoping to achieve with/from OCG?
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OCG Code of Conduct
Please read the OCG Code of conduct (COC) below and, then ADD YOUR NAME to the signature document.
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Are you willing to commit to the initial requirements for the duration of your probation *
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