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Dear friends!
I’ve received a lot of support from my colleagues and friends in Europe! And I’m deeply touched by all the warm words, and practical steps European people and their governments have taken to stop the Russian aggression in my motherland — Ukraine!
There are different means on how to bring our victory in shorter terms. I’m not a soldier but I also have a weapon — my professionalism.
So I have an idea to share with you!
I plan to organize a specialized professional conference for HR, Recruitment Leaders and Sourcers:
Global HR & Recruitment Forum.
It will connect specialists from different countries and boost the inspiration and practical skills of everyone!
The main idea — to create high quality specified information with cases and practical tools for every Forum participant.


✅ held for 5 days (one topic per day);
✅ specialized topics (sourcing, candidate outreach, automatization tools, candidate journey/experience, how to work with stakeholders (HM), etc. The list of topics will be announced soon;
✅ top experts from all over the world;
✅ practical workshops from the top-level professionals.

🚀 The event will take place online on the 30th May — 3d June.

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” - N.Mandela

💙💛 ! 70% of the income will be directed to support the Ukrainian army and humanitarian aid 🇺🇦 🇺🇦 🇺🇦.

🙏 I really appreciate those magnificent people, who’s supported us and already confirmed their participation in the Global HR & Recruitment Forum :

✅ Jan Tegze, Author of Full Stack Recruiter and result-oriented Talent Acquisition Leader with progressive experience of managing teams and establishing processes;
✅ Julia Jolkin, Founder/Talent Recruiter at IT Talent Estonia;
✅ Jonny Campbell, CEO, SocialTalent;
✅Katrina Collier, Author of The Robot-Proof Recruiter. Facilitator & Keynote. The Hiring Partner Perspective;
✅ Iryna Shamaeva, Recruiter, Sourcer, Researcher, Sourcing Trainer;
✅ Balazs Paroczay, Sourcing Leader, Keynote Speaker, and Talent Acquisition Strategist.
Are you willing to join the Global HR & Recruitment Forum? We have some options for you:
➡️ take part as a Speaker;
➡️take part as Participant;
➡️become a member of the Organization Committee (help with the topic selection for the event and final approval of the speakers’ speeches);
➡️take part as a Partner.

Please feel free to contact me:

Sharing is highly appreciated 🙏

💙💛 Slava Ukraini! We will win despite all the difficulties!
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