Imagine One Park Hill
This is a chance for community members to provide feedback on the video and the information presented at  
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If you haven't watched this video yet, please do.
How much of the information presented in the video was new to you?
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How did the video make you feel?  (one or two words)
The video lays out four problems
How can we, as a community, come together to address each one:
The school boundaries are uneven and they are also segregated by race and socio-economic status. (Learn more about our segregated boundaries at What would you do to address School  Boundaries in GPH?
What would you do to address the impacts of school choice?
As SPF is being reimagined, what information is important to you in choosing a school? (check all that apply)
Given the current approach to funding schools that includes student-based budgeting and external fundraising, including through PTA, what would you do to more equitably distribute funds?
Any other thoughts you'd like to share?
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