Explore Academy Application for Enrollment
This application represents a submission of interest to enroll in Explore Academy for the fall of 2021.

All grade levels are subject to a lottery process if the number of interested students exceeds the number of enrollment slots available for the grade level in question. The lottery for each grade level will take place in April. After the lottery, students will be added in the order that the application is received.

All information in the form below is required and does not provide any basis for acceptance or denial of enrollment into Explore Academy. Please do not submit more than one application per student or your enrollment spot may be altered.

**At present, Explore Academy is planning to start with grades 6-7 for fall of 2021, however, based on interest, the school is exploring the option to enroll grades 8-9 as well for fall 2021. For that reason, all four grades are listed below as options.
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