Common Threads After-School Club Application Form
Thank you for requesting an after school club with Common Threads! A few notes before you fill out this request form:

*All efforts will be made to ensure that every school that requests an after school club will receive one per school year. Requests for additional clubs will be considered on a case-by-case basis as resources allow. Priority will be given to high-need schools. The earlier the application the more chance of us having space in our schedule to provide a club at your school.

*Some schools pay for the whole registration amount and offer it free for kids while others leave it to parents to register and pay. Our goal is to make our programs both accessible and sustainable. Our experience has been that most PTAs do a great job of offering scholarships to low-income students for after-school programming. Because we devote so much of our fundraising efforts to school-day programming, we ask PTAs to be responsible for covering the costs of any students requesting a reduced fee. That said, if your school truly is not in a position to support after-school programming for your low-income students, please let us know. We want all kids to have as many chances as possible to fall in love with healthy food.

*Although we always strive to not cancel classes, in the event of an emergency where class has to be cancelled, educators will provide advance notice to point person, parents, and school secretary via agreed upon communication if class is cancelled or they have designated a substitute. The educator is responsible for re-scheduling classes as appropriate.
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