Practice Planning Coaches Survey, Oct. 2012
Planning practices and coaching skaters are the foundation of our sport. Our product has to be the best we can offer for our skaters to excel and for new members to join our sport. Please provide the coaching education committee with some feed back about your practice planning. You needn't give your name. Trends will be reported back to SASSA coaches at a later date. Thank-you for doing this short survey.
How often do your skating practices intentionally include the following components? *
1 always
2 frequently
3 sometimes
4 rarely
5 never
one-on-one coaching, more than one coach, more than just encouraging
measurable objectives
fast skating
physically hard work
active, not standing too long
planned practices, written down
planned year
opportunity for athletes to talk
video tools and immediate feedback
chance to skate with better skaters
functional movement component integrated into practice
clearly stated technical purpose
use available props
enough coaches that every athlete gets chance to be listened to
planned technical progressions
What items on the list above need to be added? *
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What do you do best in terms of running a practice? *
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What do you struggle the most with or feel you could improve on in running your practices? *
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Do you have anything to add to this survey? Any questions?
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