Moms4Moms Fellowship Program Application 媽媽創業家培訓計劃申請表格
Moms4Moms Fellowship Program is a women empowerment program that teaches mothers hard and soft skills related to motherhood and entrepreneurship. Outstanding students will receive the chance at an internship opportunity and a one year membership to HKM at the culmination of the 9 month program.


The successful candidates will be invited to join an Opening event at the Embracing Motherhood event on September 12. The Fellowship Program training module will start on September 26 (10:00am to 1:00pm) and to be held every last Saturday of the month.
被取錄之學員將被邀請參加9月12日的母限活動中的開幕禮。培訓計劃課堂將於9月26日(上午10:00至1:00 pm)開始,並於每個月最後一個星期六舉行。


Tentative Program Schedule 暫定課程時間表:

Sep 12, 2020 | 2020年9月12日:Opening Ceremony 開幕禮

Sep 26, 2020 | 2020年9月26日:Motherhood & Change • Idea Generation 母限改變 • 找點子

Oct 24, 2020 | 2020年10月24日:Motherhood & Well-being • Budgeting 母限健康 • 預算

Nov 28, 2020 | 2020年11月28日:Mums at Work • Licensing & Legal issue 母限事業 • 法律及牌照

Dec 19, 2020 | 2020年12月19日:Eco-Sustainable Mums • Production 母限環保 • 製作

Jan 23, 2021 | 2021年1月23日:Motherhood & Relationship • Social Media Promotion 母限維繫 • 社交媒體宣傳^

Feb 20, 2021 | 2021年2月20日:Motherhood & Learning • Selling 母限學習 • 買賣

May 8, 2021 | 2021年5月8日:Pitching • Closing Ceremony 發佈 • 閉幕禮

^ The organiser is planning a site visit to Social Media company on the day 主辦單位計劃於當天安排探訪社交媒體公司


Fee: $3,800 or 10 volunteering hours*
Successful candidates are asked to pay a commitment deposit of $500 which will be refunded upon 80% completion of the Program.
成功被取錄之學員需支付$ 500的承諾押金,該押金將在課程完成80%時退還。

*Volunteering hours have to be with a recognized organisation and approved by the Organizer.


Organiser: Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs Limited

Co-organiser 協辦單位:
Integrated Brilliant Education Limited

Supporting organizations

Rolling Books
Women In Sports Empowerment (WISE HK)
The Zubin Foundation

For more information about the program please visit:
or call us at 9248 4861
欲了解更多詳情,請遊覧 或至電 9258 4861

Full Name (Last Name, First name) 英文全名 (姓氏,名稱) *
Chinese name (if any) 中文全名 (如有)
Nationality 國藉 *
Date of Birth 出生日期 (MM/DD/YY) *
Contact Number 電話號碼 *
Email Address 電郵地址 *
Mailing Address 通訊地址 *
Latest education level 最高教育程度 *
Employment status: Are you currently 現職狀況 *
Languages Spoken 語言 *
How many members of your family do you live with? 家中成員人數 *
How many children do you have and what are their ages? 家中有幾位小朋友及他(們)的年齡 *
What was the last job that you had if any (position and company)? 最近一次的工作經驗(如有,公司及職位)
What does your ideal future look like? 你覺得自己的理想將來是怎樣? *
What challenges do you face in order to get to your dream future? 你覺得有什麼原因令你難以達成你的理想將來 *
If you have any thought on starting a business, what would that be? 如果你有任何創業的想法,可否向我們介紹一下?
What would you like to learn from the HKM MOMS4MOMS Fellowship Program? 你期望可以在這個媽媽創業家培訓計劃當中學到什麼? *
How would you like to pay the tuition fee? 你想怎樣付學費? *
Do you want your children to join the side program to learn more on reading? 你希望你的孩子參加我們提供的閲讀課程? *
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