2019 Recruitment Advisor Application
Recruitment Advisor - What does that mean to me?

The Inter-fraternity Council understands that serving as a Recruitment Advisor can be a very rewarding experience, but one that requires incredible commitment to the overall improvement of the recruitment process. It is a year-long position, however, if you will graduate in December of 2019, you are still eligible to be a Recruitment Advisor.


Each recruitment Advisor will be disaffiliating. Disaffiliation expectations will be outlined in the IFC Recruitment Guide and will start one (1) month prior to Formal Recruitment and disaffiliation will end on Bid Rally.

Time Commitment

Listed below are the mandatory time commitments you can expect as a member of the Recruitment Advising Team:
-Spring Commitment 2019
3 Mandatory Meetings

-Summer Commitment 2019
2 Orientation sessions
3 - 4 Tabling Events
1 Information Night per VP of Member Development

- Week Prior to Fall Semester 2019
Sunday, August 18th, 2019 - Friday, August 23rd, 2018
1 Leadership Training Class

- Fall Semester 2019
1 Week of Welcome Event
1 Pre-Recruitment Round-table with the IFC Executive Board Recruitment Team
1 One-on-Ones with VP of Member Development and VP of Recruitment
2 Post-Recruitment Round-tables with the IFC Executive Board Recruitment Team

- Spring Semester 2020
Be part of the process for the following year’s Recruitment Advisor selection process
Helping to transition/train incoming Recruitment Advisors

***Class, doctor’s notes, and University excuses are the only valid reasons to miss. Please note that playing Intramural sports and work will not count as excuses. If you have any issues please speak with the VP of Recruitment or VP of Member Development before your interview.***

Applications Open: March 1st, 2019
Applications Due: March 18th, 2019
Interviews: March 22nd - March 26th

Recruitment Advisor Application Checklist

• Recruitment Advisor Application
• Recruitment Advisor Application Agreement Sheet
• Signed up for an Interview Time

Recruitment Advisor Qualifications

1. Must be a full-time student at USF in good standing with the University and their fraternity
2. Must hold active status in their Member Chapter for the duration of their term
3. Must currently have a GPA of 2.85 and maintain throughout the duration of their term.
4. Must be in Tampa during the week prior to Fall Semester and must be available for orientations and training sessions.
5. Must be able to disaffiliate from their Member Chapter.
6. Must be able to promote an understanding of the benefits of Fraternity and Sorority Life and emphasize the similarities, goals and ideals of all Interfraternity Council Member Chapters.
7. Must abide by the IFC Constitution, Bylaws, and Recruitment Guide.
8. We recommend that you have gone through recruitment as an initiated member of your Member Chapter.

Recruitment Advisor Job Description

1. To stimulate and maintain interest in joining a fraternity.
2. To make the Potential New Member feel he has a inter-chapter friend who is ready and capable of advising in their relationship with fraternities.
3. To make the recruitment experience enjoyable and memorable for the PNM.
4. To encourage PNMs to remain in recruitment and to stop rumors/attitudes that may be harmful to PNMs, fraternities and the Fraternity/Sorority community.
5. To explain and assist with the mechanics of recruitment.
6. To be available to the PNMs at all times and to handle any problems they may have.
7. To be an objective liaison between the fraternities and PNMs as an aid to communication.
8. To provide an understanding and explanation of the bid selection process.
9. Aid in releasing PNM’s from recruitment who have not received/chosen not to accept a bid.
10. Monitor recruitment events for any violations of recruitment rules.

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