KernelCI Community Survey
Thank you for taking a minute to help us understand CI requirements for the Linux kernel in general and to improve in particular.

Results and updates will be shared on the mailing list:
How would you mainly define your role within the Linux kernel community? *
Do you contribute code to the upstream Linux kernel? *
Are you involved in releasing Linux kernels used in commercial products? *
Do you use any Linux kernel automated test system on a regular basis? (please let us know which one in the end-of-survey comments) *
Do you often discover kernel bugs later than 24h after having sent a patch or created a new revision?
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Up to how long can you wait for automated test results without breaking your workflow?
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Would a web-based dashboard fit well within your workflow?
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Do you expect test result emails to be sent directly to you or would you rather opt-in to a notification service?
Would you want to be able to access an API with raw test data?
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Do you have any comments or special requests regarding
Thank you for filling this survey, this is greatly appreciated. If you would like us to be able to get in touch with you, please provide an email address below.
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